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I'm Sarah Rook an East Sussex lifestyle photographer specialising in Wedding photography in an artistic elegant style. I want my clients to be able to just let go and be in the moment and allow me to capture the intimacy, raw emotions and those spontaneous moments as they happen, the laughter, the tears, the kisses, the hand holding. Weddings are magical and the connection between the photographer and the couple is special i want my clients to be able to just let go be in the moment and allow me to capture the uniquely intimate memories. I will be looking for all the tiny details and enhancing the moments while you just be you. Born in the picturesque historic town of Rye, East Sussex i now live near Hastings and cover Sussex, Kent and Surrey but as i love to travel i am more than happy to go further. Always evolving and growing my photography has to keep up with my mind so with a new brand Sarah Rook Photography my sights are as ever skyward. Please have a look at our new website

Creating Films With DALE ROOK FILMS Highly talented videographer will capture your day with amazing emotion and edit your special moments creatively in order to create interactive memories to keep forever. High quality videos, put to music is what they do best with a flair and a passion.. Contact Clipz Photography or Dale Rook Films today to arrange filming your wedding, birthday or any other special occasion. ​Visit facebook page for Film clips This is a typical comment after the latest Wedding film ."I've just watched the clip of Dan & Sam's wedding Dale, & I have to say... You have a god given gift there bro..... An excellent eye, & serious editing skills... I was shocked at the quality, & professionalism of the finished product!!! well done you!!!! nice work! .... & if anyone ever asks me do I know a good videographer, I will say ' no' ........................ I will tell them 'I know a GREAT videographer' ....